Terms and Conditions

Warranty Policy for the Engine and Transmission System

The warranty is only to cover the major technical defects of the engine and the transmission system of the vehicle.

The warranty will not cover the following items in the engine and transmission system

  • Engine: Oil seals, gaskets, injector nozzles, parts of rubber and plastic, filters, lubricants, antifreeze fluid, turbo charge, clutch pack, all wearing parts and any other oil material.
  • Transmission: All rubber and plastic and wearing parts including the dual clutch pack (all related vehicle models), lubricants and oil material.

This warranty coverage obligation is limited to the repairing or replacement of parts acknowledged to be defective at the sole discretion of ours or our authorized service centre.

The warranty mileage is based on the odometer reading. If the odometer is damaged or broken, the remaining warranty period will be calculated according to the time consumed (250km per day).

Damage caused by traffic accidents, insufficient or improper maintenance, misuse or use of the vehicle under extreme conditions such as in motor races or rallies and modification of the vehicle is not covered under the warranty.

Any electrical and electronic parts and failures are not covered under this warranty.

Damage caused due to external influences such as chemical pollution, acid rains, sand, salt, stones, road hazards, floods, fire; and those caused due to human fault, negligence or act of god, are not covered under this warranty.

In the event that the ownership of vehicle changes from the first owner during the warranty period, it is important to notify us in order to ensure that the remaining warranty period can be enjoyed by the new owner.

Warranty Policy for the Hybrid Battery

The warranty is only valid to cover the manufacturing defects of the battery during the warranty period.

Our aftercare centres in Sri Lanka will monitor your vehicle throughout the warranty period and it is compulsory that you obtain all the lubricating services and technical assistance from our aftercare centres during the warranty period.

We strongly advise you to avoid any unauthorized modifications to the electric system of your vehicle, as it will affect the smooth functioning of the hybrid battery.

In the event of replacement of a new battery under the warranty, the supplier will follow the internationally accepted logistic rules and regulations, and the time take to deliver the new battery will depend on it.

All terms and conditions of the warrant remain the same.

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