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Vehicle Service

Undoubtedly, regular servicing enhances the lifespan of your car. Since critical components of the vehicle such as, the braking system and suspension and the engine are inspected at the vehicle service, you will have the peace of mind that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition. Furthermore, regular servicing increases the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Oil Change

It is important to ensure that the moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated to avoid damage and this function is fulfilled by oil in the engine. Over time, this oil gets contaminated with dust, dirt and debris from the engine as well as the environment. Therefore, periodical oil changes ensure the proper functioning of the engine.


Regular car wash prevents contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from adhering to your vehicle.

  • Regular Wash
    Dust and dirt can wear and weaken the paint coating of your vehicle by acting like sandpaper. Thus, washing your car regularly helps prolong the original colour and shine of the car while adding an aesthetic appeal to the vehicle.
  • Engine room wash
    A premium quality degreaser should be used while following proper procedures when cleaning the engine room of a vehicle, and at Sterling, we ensure that this is conducted by skilled technicians while adhering to proper industry standards.


A well-groomed car is one that is always pleasant to drive and ride in. The interior and exterior of each car is different and thus interior and exterior cleaning and detailing requires attention to detail.

  • Exterior
    Only the best and recommended products are used at the Sterling Aftercare Centre for exterior detailing, as we want to ensure the deliverance of a proper detailing service.
  • Interior
    If cleaning the vehicle’s interior is neglected, the interior surfaces of your car could start to develop excess wear tear. Dirt, dust and spilled substances ruin the vehicle’s upholstery and interior surfaces. Regular cleaning of your car’s interior helps enhance its longevity.

Mechanical Repairs

Our team of expert technicians are skilled to handle any major mechanical repair, as they are on par with the latest automobile technologies. We are armed with the best of tools and OEM equipment, as well as state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your vehicle receives the service it deserves.

Body Repairs

Roadside accidents are best avoided but in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is involved in one, make sure to bring the vehicle to our modern collision repair facility, where we don’t shy away from tackling even the most challenging repairs. The technology used by us for collision repairs, ensure that vehicles are repaired to the accurate body measurements, retaining the structural integrity of the vehicle’s body.

Sterling Auto parts (automobile Spear part)

We provide genuine spare parts and accessories for all Japanese and European automobiles.

Towa Body Coating

The Towa Body Coating system will improve dust and chemical resistance of the vehicle, while retaining the ‘brand new’ condition of the vehicle’s paint coating. It will help preserve the vehicle’s colour over a long period, allowing it to fade. It is the ultimate protector to a vehicle’s body.

Automobile First Aid (Roadside Assistance)

We offer round-the-clock road side assistance services so that you are assured to drive with confidence. In the event that your vehicle experiences a breakdown, we are just one call away.

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