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The Sterling Aftercare Guarantee was introduced by Sterling Japan, a decade ago, to address the dearth of after sales service providers for automobiles that are imported to Sri Lanka by independent vehicle importers.

What we assure under this warranty is the deliverance of not just any vehicle, but one that is carefully selected after a thorough and scientific inspection of its condition. Our relationship with the customers extends far beyond the point of sale, where we are geared to provide all related maintenance and repair services at our state-of-the-art facilities.

We will move forward with the rapidly advancing automobile technology, while always staying true to our ethos of giving you the assurance to drive with confidence.

Sterling Automobiles Lanka

Sterling Automobiles Lanka is a fully owned subsidiary of Sterling Japan Co. Ltd. It is the sole authorised franchised service provider for vehicles that are exported by Sterling Japan with the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee. And the company operates five Sterling Aftercare Centres island wide with the aim of offering post purchase care to these vehicles.


To be the best and the most trusted vehicle supplier and aftercare service provider in Sri Lanka.


Driven by the principles of honesty and dedication, we strive to offer Sri Lankans affordable ‘peoples’ vehicles’, while providing services that exceed their expectations.


The Sterling Aftercare Guarantee is issued by Sterling Japan for the vehicles that it imports to Sri Lanka. The vehicles that are exported to the Sri Lanka by Sterling Japan are distributed through a network of more than 200 auto dealers in the country.

When you buy a Sterling car from any dealer in the country, you are entitled to an exclusive aftersales service system, irrespective of its make and model. Through the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee, we assure you the best post-purchase services for your vehicle.

The Sterling Aftercare Guarantee is a unique service offered only by Sterling Japan and it maintains the authorization in its entirety. We take great pride in introducing this unique system, which gives motorists the assurance to drive with confidence knowing that their vehicles are looked after by a capable team.


The Sterling Aftercare Centre is a state-of-the-art service facility that specializes in all kinds of repairs for hybrid, PHEV and high-end automobiles (SUVS). It is also the sole authorized service provider for vehicles that are imported to Sri Lanka under the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee.

We pride ourselves on being an industry trendsetter and a change maker in post purchase vehicle care and maintenance, where we conduct the most scientific monitoring of your vehicle during the warranty period to ensure that its quality and running condition are optimally maintained.

With the objective of offering maximized convenience to our customers, we have opened modern workshops in Mahara, Narahenpita, Udahamulla, Galle and Dunagaha (Katunayake) – all of which are strictly monitored and supervised by Japanese experts. We pay meticulous attention to ensure that Japanese standards are adhered to when delivering the services.


A regular service schedule can help keep your car running it’s best. For your convenience, the Sterling developed a Service Interval Schedule to help you keep track of regular maintenance.

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Our Values

The principles that guide us in our collective journey towards success, together with our clients and stakeholders.


Honesty is an integral part of our culture and if defines our conduct, as we believe that there no legacy that is as rich as honesty.


We are always working hard to broaden our horizons while being on par with global technologies. Come what may, we are always geared to provide the best service without compromising on quality or value for money.


We believe that greatness begins with simplicity and honesty.

Positive Attitude

Our aim is to continuously be a part of the lifestyles of our customers, making a positive impact on the society. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


We refuse to be waived by changing times and circumstances. We will face every challenge head on, to achieve our goals and to better your future.

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